Thursday, April 8, 2010


Just a little reminder that you have one week left of the Mothers Day 10% off special.

Here is my most recent creation. Four layered sterling silver discs. Made especially for the lovely Peta.

I have a couple more in the pipeline which I will be sure to share with you soon.

I had a request for Gold. I am able to stamp on 'gold-filled' discs. What is gold filled?

Gold-filled also called rolled-gold. These jewellery findings are not actually filled with gold! They are made of a base metal (usually brass or copper) covered by sheets of gold in a mechanical bonding process. Effectively a thick coat of gold: the gold content is 5% or 1/20 of the total weight. Use gold-filled items for your top-of-the-line jewellery. Usually made with 14k gold, it is hard wearing. With reasonable care it will not peel or flake, and should last as long as solid 14k gold jewellery. It is safe for most people with sensitive skin.

Are there any other people interested in gold? Send me an email to tildys at gmail dot com to place your order.

J xxx


Peta said...

I LOVE it Jodi!!! thank you sooo much!!!

Charleegirl said...

I want one.... can I have one....